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Thread: Lebanese Geno 2.0 Results

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    PF6215 is equivalent to M420 and upstream of SRY10831.2. As per current phylogeny, your branch diverged prior to the SRY10831.2 mutation.
    This is my subclade haplogroup?? >>>>>>>>>>
    R-M420, defined by the mutation M420, has two branches: R-SRY1532.2, defined by the mutation SRY1532.2, which makes up the vast majority; and R-M420*, the paragroup, defined as M420 positive but SRY1532.2 negative. (In the 2002 scheme, this SRY1532.2 negative minority was one part of the relatively rare group classified as the paragroup R1*.) Mutations understood to be equivalent to M420 include M449, M511, M513, L62, and L63.(Underhill 2009 and ISOGG 2012)
    Only isolated samples of the new paragroup R-M420* were found by Underhill 2009, mostly in the Middle East and Caucasus: 1/121 Omanis, 2/150 Iranians, 1/164 in the United Arab Emirates, and 3/612 in Turkey. Testing of 7224 more males in 73 other Eurasian populations showed no sign of this category.(Underhill 2009)

    THE SRY 10831.2 is the same of R-SRY1532.2???? My case is the same of this haplogroup that underhill say that is just found in Middle East?

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