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Thread: Cyprus S4924

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    Cyprus S4924

    I stumbled across a Cypriot in ftDNA that belongs to S4924 but I can't retrieve it This sample is extremely important in resolving P58's origins as S4924 previously had two known branches. If any one can find it, I think it would be a good idea to try to get him do a big Y.

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    The sample is now in the Cypriot project. The STR values are different enough from the known yemeni S4924 clades, especially DYS388 =13, DYS19 = 13 and DYS448 = 20 as opposed to the yemeni modal 15, 14, 19. It is definitely not L817 though so if I had to guess its position on the tree I would say it is "basal" to the yemeni branch.
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