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Thread: Eurogenes K36 Oracle

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    Eurogenes K36 Oracle

    Is there any way that I could do an Oracle and Oracle-4 for my Eurogenes K36 results? I really like this calculator and Iím very intrigued by my results. I know a couple of programming languages (Python and R), so how would I be able to mathematically compute the oracles? My mother was adopted so her ethnicity is not 100 percent clear but my dad is predominantly English and German with a bit of Romani mixed in.

    Iím interested as to where the North Caucasian comes from, as well as the East Mediterranean and Balkan (that is, high for someone whose dad is west European).

    Amerindian -
    Arabian -
    Armenian 0.46 Pct
    Basque 5.41 Pct
    Central_African -
    Central_Euro 4.97 Pct
    East_African -
    East_Asian -
    East_Balkan 4.30 Pct
    East_Central_Asian -
    East_Central_Euro 4.42 Pct
    East_Med 5.52 Pct
    Eastern_Euro -
    Fennoscandian 10.81 Pct
    French 8.18 Pct
    Iberian 5.78 Pct
    Indo-Chinese -
    Italian 11.29 Pct
    Malayan -
    Near_Eastern 1.15 Pct
    North_African -
    North_Atlantic 13.72 Pct
    North_Caucasian 4.86 Pct
    North_Sea 16.00 Pct
    Northeast_African -
    Oceanian -
    Omotic 0.30 Pct
    Pygmy -
    Siberian -
    South_Asian -
    South_Central_Asian -
    South_Chinese -
    Volga-Ural -
    West_African -
    West_Caucasian -
    West_Med 2.82 Pct

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    My apologies for asking what everyone else has probably asked; it seems like I can do it on Windows through DIYDodecad. I have a Mac so I’ll have to go to my university’s library to run the program.

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    Hi chocoholic,

    Yes, DIYDodecad is the easiest way, there's a little stand alone program that runs the basic results, but can also be run within R for more flexibility, restricting certain chromosomes, segments etc.

    There's also a version in GedMatch if you have that already, although I think the general consensus is that version hasn't been updated in a long while.

    Good analysing, have fun!


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    England, UK
    British (English)
    Y-DNA (P)
    R1b (A8255)
    mtDNA (M)
    H5a3a (H5a3a2?)

    United Kingdom England East Anglia
    Meant to add a couple of useful sticky threads for you:

    Links to various Calculators, to ensure you have the latest K36 files,

    How to use calculators, although sounds like you're already familiar with the software etc.

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    Thanks, Bart! I’m curious to see how my heritage would break down. Based on my GEDMatch results I’m guessing it would be a 75 British/25 Jewish ratio, but it seems like there are a lot more populations for K36 so it would be interesting to go even more in depth!

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