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Thread: Guanches compared to modern Berbers— how different?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Michalis Moriopoulos View Post
    Would you mind sharing your scaled coordinates? I have one Riffian in my copy of the G25 but it would be nice to have another.
    ok welcome, I will send to your PM my coordinates

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bealfire View Post
    Lol, how do you know that?

    A likely scenario for Canaries is that they were discovered by Carthaginian expeditions into Africa. They even reached Guinea.

    Once discovered people naturally came to settle coming via Phoenician harbors such as Tangiers, Sale and Azilah which lie in the Nothern Morocco. The most southern Carthaginian harbor of Morocco is Mazagan (nearby Casablanca).

    It would kinda match the profile of Guanches ranging from very Riffian-like to something abit noticeably southern and higher in Iberomaurusian ancestry.

    Carthage's destruction would have put the islands into isolation and without Carthaginians and Numidians coming back and forth regularly people became isolated.
    There is no evidence for this If carthaginians went there regularly why didn't we find any punic artifacts ? even the alphabets found there were berber and roman not even punic

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    Quote Originally Posted by sami15 View Post
    ok welcome, I will send to your PM my coordinates
    Awesome, please do.
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