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Thread: Living DNA Northern Irish results

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    Living DNA Northern Irish results

    There has been some discussion on DNA results from Northern Ireland and I'm interested in how it assigns people with Northern Irish ancestry. A member of the Living DNA Users Facebook group has received and posted the results for a relative of theirs who is entirely Northern Irish in their ancestry. I thought the results were pretty interesting:

    Attachment 34811
    It's a little bit tough to see but it shows:
    SW Scot and NI 63.6
    Cumbria 18.5
    Ireland 8.5
    NW Scotland 3.9
    South Wales 1.8
    SE England 1.4
    South Central England 1.1
    Basque 1.2

    I'm also hoping that those of us who have some Northern Irish ancestry will post their results and how Northern Irish they are, for example:
    My mother's upload results, one grandparent / 25% Northern Irish:

    Attachment 34812
    Flags represent known or paper trail ancestry from greatest to least:
    England, Scotland, Austro-Hungarian Empire, (Galicia Poland) French-Canadian, and Dutch American settlers.

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