I posted here a few years back with some questions regarding interpretation of my y-DNA results, which I originally thought were Cypriot, but I later found out seem to originate from the island of Lesvos. To begin, my 23andme Y-DNA page says that my results (now listed as J-P58, from a starting point of "J1e" to just J-M267 to now J-P58) are incredibly uncommon, listed as fewer than 1 in 300,000, which seems somewhat impossible to me. I know it would be somewhat uncommon for 23andme users, but fewer than 1 in 300,000? I asked if I was part of something more specific and they essentially said what's on the page is on the page. I would appreciate any commentary here.

Also, this got me thinking about my more specific identification. I took the Y37 test a while back, and I know I was helped by people here with my more specific subclade, but I'm curious as to reasons why one J1 DNA project lists me as "J-FGC8223-FGC22291", while ftDNA only lists me as J-M267. My results will be attached (side note, I have a different result than the other people in my cluster in the J1 DNA project on ftDNA, with 13-15 at DYS385, with 13-15 rather than 13-18.) How is it possible to tell what I am when the tests themselves don't provide that interpretation? Any help here would be appreciated!

Screenshot (13044).png