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Thread: Oldest I-M223 Samples on YFull

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    Oldest I-M223 Samples on YFull

    Interestingly, two samples from the Ancient Rome paper by Antonio et. al, R7 (Grotta Continenza; 8821-8642 calBCE) and R15 (Grotta Continenza; 7284-7065 calBCE) have been added to YFull, where they appear to belong to a very basal branch of I-M223. These samples may very well redefine this SNP/subclade. I believe these are the oldest I-M223 samples in existence.
    MDKA: Robert Boulay, b. 1631, Réveillon, Orne, France
    Y-DNA: R1b-U152 > L2 > Z367 > Z34 > Z33 > BY164497> BY3604

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