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Thread: Multiple independent triangulations?

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    Multiple independent triangulations?

    I have a situation.

    I'm currently analyzing triangulations in matches, and there's something going on that I don't really understand.

    I have A FRIGGIN LOT of matches on chromosome 16, it's definitely the most populated chromosome, lol. I've read about some particular sections in certain chromosomes that are prone to giving false matches, but I haven't found anything about this one, especifically. Also, it seems to pass a few criteria (multiple people, size, SNP count).

    I'm able to find two clear patterns of ancestry there:

    - some of the matches are clearly Iberian (but the common ancestor may be Italian - Paulista ancestry is too mixed that way), which I linked to my mom;
    - some of the matches have no clear Iberian or Italian ancestry, but apparent German-related ancestry, which I think is from my paternal side, as one of my 3rd great-grandmothers was supposedly German.

    So far, so good, the problem is, I can find small clusters of people who are supposed to come from my mother's side, for example, who will triangulate with a particular group, but not another. For example:

    A triangulates with B, C and D. He also triangulates with E, F and G, but E, F and G don't triangulate with B, C and D. These two triangulations happen on the exact same segment, 80 to 83 million, are 8cM long, and carry 2,816 SNPs. They are clusters of four or five people, usually. You would maybe think this means that's because they come from my father's side, but please remember that I also have the non-Iberian group triangulations, which don't match the Iberian group at all.

    What am I missing here?
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