Hi guys

I posted this over at the FB group, but in an attempt to get others' thoughts on this, I thought I'd post here also.

I've had some ideas about some of the lines under Z17817. I know you have to be careful about speculating, and assigning haplogroups to specific population groups, but: it strikes me that the ancient Cenel Comgall might be a key group for us Z17817 folks. They were based in south west Argyll, on the Cowal peninsula, but were scattered by other groups coming in, like the Vikings. They also had close alliances with the Britons of Strathclyde, who were just across the estuary, less than 10km away. Many of their kings had British names, so they seem to have been a culturally mixed group. Interestingly they also seem to have settled in the Strathearn area, attested to in the historical annals. In Z17817 we have many folks from the general area of old Strathclyde (e.g. Ayrshire, Lanark etc.); we have the Black/Campbell group who seem to have roots in Cowal itself, and further north around Glenorchy, which is on the way into Strathearn, where our neighbouring big Drummond group has its origins. I know it's not as simple as that, but it does beg the question. The Cenel Comgall does seem to be the group which would unite lower/central areas with this area of Argyll, and Strathearn. Not sure of any other group that has all these covered.

Does anyone know any more about Cenel Comgall? If so, do you think this link is likely?