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Thread: S/SC ASIAN Results :: NGS tests and YFull (WGS 30X, Big Y, Y Elite, etc)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Amber29 View Post
    if you get Y-111 you wont get your subclade- to get your subclade is only with bigY. you will still have a basic haplogroup waiting - but you will get your matches best thing is if you want matches with your full new subclade is with Big-y700.
    FTDNA 111 STRs or Big Y are worth anything only if the ones who are related to him have 111 STRs and/or Big Y test done at FTDNA. All WGS test results can be transferred to YFULL for $49 and to DNA Warehouse for free.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jatt1 View Post
    FTDNA 111 STRs or Big Y are worth anything only if the ones who are related to him have 111 STRs and/or Big Y test done at FTDNA. All WGS test results can be transferred to YFULL for $49 and to DNA Warehouse for free.
    Ofcourse, I was only pointing out any extra info with him just to help him make decisions. Only he knows what he is after, its down to him what he decides and works for him best thats all i was trying to add.
    Maternal Grandfather's Maternal Line: U7a3a4a

    Bro in law Maternal line: K1a12a YDna:R-Y7

    Mates F Mtdna : R30a

    When people think they know you and knows you more than you know yourself........Back off!

    Also when people do not know the difference between Incest and Inbred........ sigh...

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    Thanks very much for the responses, everyone. I really appreciate you taking the time to help me with this issue.

    I think I am minded to go with FTDNA on the basis that its database may allow more extensive matching, which may assist me in establishing where my grx4 grandfather hailed from. I have pursued 23andme, G25 and limited y-seq testing to date; these have provided some interesting and informative cues but I think I still have a while to go before I can be sure, and I would like to explore the matter further, as it's something of special interest to my grandfather.

    I think WGS is probably also on the cards at some point too, but I'll probably give FTDNA a whirl first.

    If anyone has any further tips or guidance, in particular how I could get some resolution on the issue of interest above, I'd be most grateful.

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    Decided to send my dad sample for WGS 30x from Nebula Genomics. With in two weeks the sample has been received. Expecting results by June.
    "I have confirmed that your sample has arrived at our lab, and will soon be entering the quality control phase. If your sample passes QC, then your results should be ready by June. If for any reason your sample fails QC, you will receive an email with instructions for collecting a new sample (which is quite rare)."
    Target: Kapisa_scaled
    Distance: 1.7453% / 0.01745296
    44.4 IRN_Shahr_I_Sokhta_BA2_I8728
    35.0 UZB_Bustan_BA
    18.0 KAZ_Ak_Moustafa_MLBA1
    2.6 MNG_East_N

    Mitochondrial Haplogroup: R30b found in Shahr-I-Sokhta_BA1 subclades found in Swat IA:Leobanr, Katelai & Barikot Historic.

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