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Thread: Eurogenes k15 plot map?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ayetooey View Post
    About as south as the C Greek dot on the k15 map, but more eastern shifted. Similar to a greek who is half pontic half mainlander or something. It was just a random example off the top of my head, don't read too much into it.
    Speaking of which, here is the placement of a friend.
    His ancestry is basically half mainlander (almost all of it peloponnesian) + half coastal Asian minor Greek and islander


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    Portuguese highlander
    Y-DNA (P)
    mtDNA (M)
    H20 (xH20a)

    Asturias Galicia Portugal 1143 Portugal 1485 Portugal Order of Christ PortugalRoyalFlag1830
    I'd use an actual data analysis software over a .jpg in MS Paint in order to plot this kind of stuff
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    YDNA E-Y31991>PF4428>Y134097>Y134104>Y168273>FT17866 (TMRCA ~1100AD) - Domingos Rodrigues, b. circa 1690 Hidden Content , Viana do Castelo, Portugal - Stonemason, miller.
    mtDNA H20 - Monica Vieira, b. circa 1700 Hidden Content , Porto, Portugal

    Hidden Content
    Global25 PCA West Eurasia dataset Hidden Content

    [1] "distance%=1.6007"



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