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Thread: Best company for ancestor identification?

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    Best company for ancestor identification?

    Hi Guys,

    Question: I recently did a autosomal test over at FTDNA, and the results were a surprise. I am Scottish on both sides (1 grandmother was English). My Y-DNA is very much Scottish (L513/193), but my autosomal results showed only around 50% Britain/Ireland. The rest was West Europe, right over France.

    Since then, we discovered that my G-G-Grandmother (on the side of my English Grandmother) had a very French surname: Boucher. On further research, it seems that Boucher families came over to England from France with the Huguenot persecution in the 18th century. But...would a single Huguenot ancestor that far back account for so much French in my results?

    Basically, I'd like a more accurate autosomal test to identify whether this statistic is accurate; if so, perhaps identify regions in France; and maybe even take a guess as to my most recent 100% French ancestor (I'm told 23andMe can do this?). It's probably further back, but there is of course an outside chance that there is a family secret waiting to be discovered!

    Thanks for your advice on the best company to go with.

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    I reposted this thread over at the AncestryDNA section. How can I delete this one here?! Thanks...

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