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Thread: Ftdna I1 to Haplogroup J Glitch

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    Quote Originally Posted by jbarry6899 View Post
    Errors have been repaired in our surname project.

    It must not be a “one size fits all fix” at the same time because I still see the same errors in my project.
    I-DF29: ool009 Skane, Sweden 1930-1750 BCE

    Z58, Z59, Z2041, Z2040, Z382, FGC24333

    S26361: VK532 Zealand, Denmark 200-375 CE

    S16414, FGC24354, FGC24357, FGC24356, S10350

    FGC75802/BY19383: VK446 Funen, Denmark 800-1050 CE

    Y125947, S21197, BY149414, BY188003, BY188570

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    I am J2 under the L24 branch--specifically F3133>Z38352. I have already done BigY and have been upgraded to the Y500. According to the Y500 I am L136 positive. This is a false positive as in the BigY results page I am listed as being T>T which means this is ancestral and not derived; therefore, this is a false result. I did a little more digging and found my BigY results were full of false positives--I had 15 in the first 10 pages of the results.

    Interestingly, at Yfull, I am negative for L136 and the results there have me as C>G. This means that I am positive for MF37714. MF37714/PF6112/P294/FGC13894/L136 are all on the same position on the Chromosome.

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