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Thread: What is the origin of mtDA U6?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nebro View Post
    Horn of africa origin is no longer supported by ancient dna ..the Diversity stuff is outdated.
    It seems ancient dna points to multiple back migrations from Near east carrying E1b1b into africa into northern and east africa from the levant or arabia.
    The E1b1b in horn africa is assosiated with Eurasian ancestry from the levant.
    Seems to have replaced the haplogroup B and A..preserved by Hadza-like groups.
    E-M215 originated in the Horn of Africa with a time gap of at least 11k years between it and E-M35.It was the E-M78 back-migrants from the Sudan to the Horn which probably brought Dinka/Natufian ancestries.It is very possible the Hunter Gatherers that inhabited modern Somalia carried lineages like E-V16 which have not been found in North Africa but in the Horn and Arabia (descendants of Horners).Apparently Riech lab at Harvard have the Buur Heybe (pre-Somali HGs) specimens so hopefully we can get some ancient DNA and will give us a clearer picture in the peopling of the Horn and East Africa.

    Within this clade, the posterior probability (0.97) strongly favors an eastern African placement for the origin of the E-M215 diversity, as previously suggested by Semino et al. (2004) and Gebremeskel and Ibrahim (2014), whereas a northern African location is favored for the node defining the M78 subclade (posterior probability = 0.76), supporting the previous hypothesis of Cruciani et al. (2007).
    Despite we assigned most previous deep E-M35 eastern African clades to a single haplogroup (E-V1515), our phylogeographic analysis slightly favors an eastern African origin for E-M35 (posterior probability = 0.64). We found a new clade, defined by V1515 mutation, which originated and differentiated in eastern Africa (posterior probability = 0.99), and expanded southward in recent times as a single terminal clade (E-M293).
    Gebremeskel, E. I., & Ibrahim, M. E. (2014). Y-chromosome E haplogroups: their distribution and implication to the origin of Afro-Asiatic languages and pastoralism. European Journal of Human Genetics, 22(12), 1387-1392.

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