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Thread: J2a in India

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ahmed Ali View Post
    Interesting. I have also seen MF10466 in an Iranian on FtDNA's Haplotree (the sample isn't found on y-seq) so am intrigued to know what trajectory this J2a2 line took!

    Edit: also, please forgive my ignorance (I'm still learning how all this works), but what is the significance of a HG sample being from 23mofang for determining its age/origin?
    My guess was it was found in a Chinese sample. I would say an origin in Iran is also quite possible. An then a spread to inner Asia.

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    Fascinating. Many thanks for sharing. That would mean that MF10466 so far has been identified in 2 x Pakistani Punjabis (me and HG01589), 1x Iranian and 1x (possible/probable) Chinese sample. And then the closest relatives to us on the tree are the two Russian tatars under J-Y182822.

    Quite an interesting dispersal so far, let's hope more samples spring to light in good time!

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    Quote Originally Posted by parasar View Post
    My guess would be a very ancient subcontinental line. Perhaps going back to the early emergence of J2a, as MF10466 is from 23Mofang data, and Y182822 is seen in a Russian tatar.
    23Mofang hmmmm.

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