I am looking at Eurogenes K13, but I see some very odd averages for Oceanian (Papuan/Melanesian/Austroloid) that surely cannot be accurate i.e.

https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets...#gid=804264822 K13 averages spreadsheet

Oceanian averages on K13

East_Finnish 0.69
Estonian 0.61
Finnish 0.81
French 0.23
Hinxton 2 0.81
Irish 0.33
North Swedish 0.88
Southeast English 0.62
Southwest English 0.59
West German 0.64
West Sicilian 0.61

So unless there was some ancient mass enslavement of Austroloid peoples by Yamnaya or something I can't think of a logical explanation as how these can be real figures? Then the East Asian averages for comparison

East_Finnish 0.70
Estonian 0.05
Finnish 0.96
French 0.15
Hinxton 2 0
Irish 0.09
North Swedish 0.77
Southeast English 0.04
Southwest English 0.12
West German 0.13
West Sicilian 0.52

I suppose it kind of makes sense as the spike is in Finland/N Sweden, from relatively recent input from Siberian populations via the Saami, but I am not sure about the Sicilian.