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Thread: Personal Genetics Section Expansion

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    Personal Genetics Section Expansion

    Dear members,

    The Personal & Commercial Genetics section (formerly Personal Genetics) has now been expanded to include seven new sub-forums:

    - 23andMe
    - AncestryDNA
    - FTDNA
    - Geno 2.0
    - Open Source Projects
    - Geneaology
    - ISOGG
    - Other

    Please note both company-specific discussions and member results are to be featured in these new sub-forums. Threads from the old Member Results sub-forum, together with a couple from the Autosomal section, will be transferred to their correct places over the coming days. Although these threads would have been moved from their old places, they will be readily accessible in their correct sub-forums.

    We hope this new layout will enhance navigation on the forum and present as a more user-friendy update.

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    Many thanks for doing this. It will make it much easier to follow conversations. I wonder if you should also have separate boards for Full Genomes, YSeq and BritainsDNA/ScotlandsDNA or would discussions on these companies go into "Other".

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    I may be lonely on this point of view for this initiative. I think there is a such a thing as too many options, if there aren't filtering, nesting and aggregation types of capabilities for the user to control things.

    Think of like this. A person can have any too many email inboxes. If you get too many, you can't keep up checking all of them. Also some other users who might know a couple of your email IDs and might be confused on what to send to which and when. To be sure, they might send the same message to multiple of your email IDs at once. That only increases the problem.

    A newbie user joins Anthrogenica. He/she is a Geno 2 customer who transferred their data to FTDNA.... They have some questions about their paternal results? Should they ask them on the Geno 2 forum, the FTDNA forum, or down inside on of the Y haplogroup sections?

    Some of these companies have their own forums and communications mechanisms anyway in which actual company personnel will jump in and answer questions.

    I also see there are concerns about people getting into patterns as loyal customers of X, Y or Z. Not sharing data across company customer base lines is a bad thing, not a good thing. The DNA is the DNA. It does not know who the testing company is.

    I understand this company by company initiative is under way, but those are just my thoughts.

    I guess I'm just more of a relationship kind of guy... by that I mean a genetic relationship or haplogroup kind of focus and that should cut across lines, be they national borders, testing agencies or whatever.

    Perhaps I'm just asking for strong guidance in the forum section/sub-section sub-titling commentary to help people get to the right places.
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    I completely understand (and agree) with your thoughts regarding this topic. However, the decision was based on the grounds of a practical means of satisfying user request and simultaneously addressing the glaring disorganisation of a popular section, rather than approaching things with a subjective ideal.

    When I first joined DNA-Forums and later took up 23andMe, I had absolutely no idea where to post my personal results. The Autosomal section seemed appropriate, but there was a lot of discussion in my thread concerning Y-DNA and mtDNA. I also had some difficulty finding other people's 23andMe results (recall DNA-Forums' search function was inconsistent).

    As a fresh testee, I wasn't looking for a place to realise meta-genetic relationships. I was interested in my results and the benefits/drawbacks of my chosen kit's methods. A thorough inspection of the Member Results section readily demonstrates that perspective isn't in the minority. Most threads in this section follow the "[username]'s [company kit] Results" format. Observations such as this, together with suggestions from within this community and no dedicated location for company specific discussions, guided us towards creating these new sub-sections.

    The intent behind our decision was therefore entirely predicated on maximising user convenience on the forum. Browsing through the old Members Result section (which anyone can still do) will demonstrate how disorganised it was despite its' popularity. The example you provided is definitely a possible one but it doesn't constitute the majority of threads in the old section. Under the new structure, it can go into any of the three listed possibilities as all are relevant.

    I should also note our sub-section choice was a trade-off between the minimum number which satisfied the greatest number of threads. Much like with the upgraded L21 section. You will not find 20+ sub-sections under Personal & Commercial Genetics anytime soon. Adding a handful of new sections shouldn't prove to be daunting for most users.

    Quote Originally Posted by DebbieK View Post
    Many thanks for doing this. It will make it much easier to follow conversations. I wonder if you should also have separate boards for Full Genomes, YSeq and BritainsDNA/ScotlandsDNA or would discussions on these companies go into "Other".
    As Scarlet expressed earlier today, thank you for your suggestion to us.

    After reviewing the Members Results section we are contemplating adding a couple more sections in line with the ones you've suggested. Otherwise, all threads which don't readily find a home in the current sub-sections should go into "Other".

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    Following the above comment:

    Quote Originally Posted by DMXX View Post
    Browsing through the old Members Result section (which anyone can still do) ...
    The rest of the threads in the old Members Results section have been re-allocated to their more specific homes. A large number of these have shifted to "Other", specifically those relating to Interpretome and Dr. McDonald's BGA. As this section has just been made redundant, it has been deleted.

    As a rough guide for where threads should go, please read the various blurbs describing each section here. Any inconvenience in locating the new threads will be short-lived.

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