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This is from yesterday: https://www1.folha.uol.com.br/equili...e-de-553.shtml. It puts the number of cases at 12,056 and the number of deaths at 553. According to Worldometer, those numbers have risen today to over 13,000 and over 600 respectively. Not surprisingly, the largest concentrations of cases are in megalopolises like São Paulo and Rio - also in Fortaleza, Recife and Manaus - however there have been deaths recorded in all but 2 of the country's 26 states. I haven't seen data on socioeconomic distribution - just projections that the toll will be worse in poor communities despite the fact that the virus hit wealthier communities first due to issues of mobility. Brazil seems to be far from hitting peak infections so it's probably premature to make any analyses at this point in terms of distribution patterns.
That is to be expected. According to data from the UK minorities in general are over-represented, which fits the bill. I have not seen any ethnic data from UK, as they still use archaic terms that seem to stem from their colonial days, when classifying people (so no specific ethnic group is mentioned)... Do you know what kind of categorization of people Brazil uses?