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Thread: E1a-M33, aDNA from Russia

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    Azerbaijan Iran Safavid Empire

    E1a-M33, aDNA from Russia

    Boulygina et al. Mitochondrial and Y-chromosome diversity of the prehistoric Koban culture of the North Caucasus (2020)

    Sample number Burial site Mitochondrial haplogroup (Sanger sequencing) Mitochondrial haplogroup (Illumina sequencing) Y-chromosomal haplogroup (Illumina sequencing)
    2 Klin-Yar-3 J1c J1b1 E1a2a1b1b (E-CTS4038)

    E1a-CTS4038 aDNA sample from Koban culture, Stavropol (Russia)

    UPD: Wrong attribution. See comments of Pribislav
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    Moldova Ukraine
    "A study published in the “Journal for archeological science” by Boulygina et al. 2020 analyzed ancient Koban burials and found a high number of paternal lineage D1a2a1 which is commonly found among the Ainu people in northern Japan and southeastern Russia. "

    WTF! E and its cousin both found among Kobans. Where did the D come from?

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