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Thread: I'm mostly ssa and only .6-11.&% north african yet I don't look ssa?

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    I'm mostly ssa and only .6-11.&% north african yet I don't look ssa?

    I'm like 83-91% ssa but in society it's like this day to day I don't get treated as though I am black so long in my hair is straightened. People think I'm a foreigner usually. But when they find out they get mad and accusatory like I tried to look like something else when I just have my face I don't change anything. I have been accused of changing my skin tone changing my nose my brows with make up but when I am bareface they are quiet and even more angry it's annoying been told I look black if I didn't wear make up. Well I've tried that out many times black people still think at best I'm from east africa same with european americans. Well I did racial analyzers I feel like this has been the best route because race analyzers don't have emotions motives or anger for a person not looking the race they're "supposed" to look they just analyze facial features not skin hair or behavior or what someone should look like. Everytime it says I'm egyptian or emrati or indian a mix of these categories with some spanish when I was younger this is with make up this is without make up. As I've gotten older people tend to think I'm spanish latina as well and my spanish blood is only 2-5%. Not much at all and in these analyzers it appears my photos usually generate portuguese spanish mexican sometimes brazilian and mena results like uae egyptian etc... I've used three race analyzer companies two were more basic did not guess guess like that but usually gave me the racial category of white sometimes asian or east indian but black was rare. When I get black it's a very low estimate too like 5% of the phenotype. This seems true to my life experiences. I work somewhere where race matters generally people think I'm a latina which I find very annoying or they'll think I'm indian etc. So the thing I have issues with is in day to day life people think I'm ethiopian or mena or like cuban carrib latina as those latin americans are a mix of mena and spanish descent as well anyway so for me I've never felt I fit in I have talked to nigerians anytime I tell them I'm half nigerian they want to believe the other half must be another race best luck I had was one chick said I could be fulani, but at best. But I have always been looked at as other it's annoying because that's what I am mostly but I never get treated like that in public and people who find out get mad at me for being black but not looking it when I did not do anything to cause this. And it's just very frustrating. And uncomfortable because I'm not mixed but I don't look like what I am mostly. On my 16th chromosome I am a great deal north african and european that dictates facial features. My ssa is like 46% on my 16th chromosome and 40% euro 14% north africans etc....

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