Has anyone seen this study yet? I haven't seen any threads on it.

"We study the kinship of two high-status Egyptians from the 12th Dynasty.. Ancient DNA was extracted from the teeth of the two mummies.. Sequences were obtained after hybridization capture of mtDNA and Y chromosome DNA.. Both mummies belong to mt haplotype M1a1, suggesting a maternal relationship.... Y DNA sequences showed variations, indicating that the mummies had different fathers..The SNP identities were consistent with mtDNA haplogroup M1a1 with 88.05–91.27% degree of confidence, thus confirming the African origins of the two individuals."
--Drosoua et al. 2018. The kinship of two 12th Dynasty mummies revealed by ancient DNA sequencing. Jrnl of Ar Sci, v17. Feb 2018, 793-797