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Thread: How to make calculator: East Europe, South Asia, West Asia, East Asia, Africa

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    How to make calculator: East Europe, South Asia, West Asia, East Asia, Africa

    I am try to make good calculator, any advice for me what is good samples to represent your region.

    In East Europe I will use these 3 samples for now:

    Baltic_EST_BA:s19_V14_2,0.0125,0.0125,0.0288,0.038 4,0.0181,0.0184,0.004,0.0117,-0.0047,-0.0299,0.0024,-0.0142,0.0287,0.0271,-0.0194,-0.0015,0.0069,0.0039,0.0018,0.0068,-0.0014,-0.0008,0.0061,-0.0186,0.0034
    RUS_Ingria_IA:VIII5_2,0.130897,0.112724,0.104462,0 .100453,0.050779,0.047133,0.014571,0.024691,0.0065 45,-0.050844,0.000812,-0.016635,0.032854,0.053673,-0.015065,-0.012066,-0.007041,-0.001647,0.001634,0.002751,-0.012478,-0.005441,0.012078,-0.008676,0.000239
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