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Thread: SARS-CoV-2 respiratory failure: risk SNPs, Bloodtype A is a risk, O is protective

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    I looked up the two main SNP in the UK Biobank data on COVID 19 deaths (364 COVID-19 deaths vs. 486,956 negative/unknown UKBB control).

    rs13078854 Beta 0.454 p-value 0.00192 odds ratio 1,575
    rs8176645 Beta 0.105 p-value 0.24990 odds ratio 1,101

    rs8176645 is the best proxy I found for chr9 rs9411378 ABO gene. Like the other proxies, it is not even nominally significantly associated with COVID 19 death vs. population.
    I'd say that the chromosome 3 hit on severity is reflected in the death analysis, but the OR of ~1,6 is comparable or even lower than the odds of being hospitalized with severe disease from the Ellinghaus or 23andme paper. Overall, it doesn't reach genome wide significance for death as an outcome, but probably would in a larger analysis.
    A number of other positions do, like the APOE locus rs429358, which codes for the APOE ∊3 and APOE ∊4 alleles with an OR of 1,45 and a p-value of 5x10^-7.

    data from here:
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