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Thread: South Asians with Turkish/Turkic/Mongol descent thread

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    Interesting; thanks for the sharing.

    On the euro matches, I'm in a similar boat: my father, sister and I all get full European matches up to 0.48%/32cm and some share multiple segments. I have no idea what that's about tbh; but I think it's fairly common for desis?

    On the Caucasian/Turkic/Iranian matches, I'm beginning to think these could be real, but distant, as subzero85 said.

    I also checked my paternal grandfather's matches for comparison. Interestingly, he doesn't get that many Azeri/caucasus matches; but he does get about 14 Iranian matches and a tonne of Afghans (like 30+). Curiously, the Iranians are almost all Kurds, and on googling their tribes/surnames I see that some of their forbears actually accompanied Nader Shah in his Indian campaign. I don't want to jump to conclusions, but I do wonder whether there could be a link there..

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