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Thread: okarinaofsteiner's East Eurasian GEDmatch megathread

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    okarinaofsteiner's East Eurasian GEDmatch megathread

    Hello Anthrogenica! Some of you may know me as that person from Anthroscape who posted a lot about how East Eurasians score on GEDmatch calculators. Not proud of being associated with the "race realism" aspect Anthroscape (I was always uncomfortable with the association between "phenotype classification" and racial supremacist ideas), but I find population genetics/history interesting, and I stayed on the forum to participate in the community of Overseas Asians that developed there. There was a lot of discussion of geography, economics, immigration, pop culture, and diaspora Asians' relationships with their native and host cultures in the "Nordsinid/Mittelsinid/Sudsinid" megathread.

    Anyway, I thought I'd make a thread here for re-sharing the content I posted on Anthroscape as a hobby. I never intended for my content to be associated with racialist ideas or ideologies, and thought this could be a better site for hosting that information, since it's more focused on human population genetics.

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