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Thread: G25 Afrikaner admixture

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    The Hugenots and Walloons are often confused (or are even called both, the commemorative coin of the founding of New Amsterdam has "Huguenot Walloon" written on it), the British for example made no distinction between both.
    In any case, the first settlers of NY were Walloons (Jesse de Forest, Isaac Lemaire, Pierre Minuit), I know that the very first recorded citizen of New Amsterdam was a walloon woman. Few people know that's the reason the character play by Di Caprio in "Gangs of New York" is called Amsterdam Vallon.
    In my tree, I have Walloons (incl. Picardy) mostly entering the Northern Netherlands in the late 16th century (often with Antwerp as intermediary stop) and the early 17th century, while the Huguenots coming in during the late 17th century were often Southern French.

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