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Thread: How do I model my recent and ancient ancestry?

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    Virginia, USA
    Northwest + East European
    Y-DNA (P)
    mtDNA (M)
    Y-DNA (M)
    mtDNA (P)

    England Ireland Canada Quebec Normandie Poland Wales
    For my ancestry, my paper trail gives me:

    29.3% English
    17.4% Irish
    15.3% French Canadian
    14.3% Norman aristocracy
    12.5% Polish
    6% Welsh
    3.1% Scots-Irish
    1.6% Portuguese
    0.5% Breton

    I know my father's side descends from English, Irish, Welsh, and Scottish colonizers of Virginia and I'm 100% certain that some of his English ancestors were Norman aristocrats who invaded in 1066. I would like to know how much of my ancestry is English, Irish, Welsh, Scottish, and Norman. Same goes for my mother's side. I would like to know how much of my ancestry is Irish, French Canadian, or Polish (like an accurate percentage).

    Then I would like to know my ancient ancestry.

    I know the Irish, Welsh, Bretons, and Scottish heavily descend from British & Irish Bell Beakers so I would like to know how "Bell Beaker" I am. Same goes for the English and Norman side. I would like to know how much of my English ancestry is Anglo-Saxon and how much of my Norman ancestry is Norse.

    I know that French Canadians descend from Northwest and west-central Frenchmen so I would love to know how much is "Gaulish" or perhaps "Aquitanian." Same goes for my Polish ancestry. I would like to know how much is Proto-Slavic in DNA origin.

    Is Global25 the best calculator for determining this or is there another more accurate calculator?

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    Y-DNA (P)
    T-P322 (T1a2b1)
    mtDNA (M)

    Australia Cornwall England Scotland Germany Poland
    14.3% Norman aristocracy

    As a descendant of Rollo (and others), I have found "Normans" are inevitably hybrids.
    If they even were.
    In addition to those Viking/French hybrids, the Norman conquest invited others to join in invasion and subsequent subjugation of England.
    French of course.
    Many Flemings too (from what is now roughly Belgium and adjoining areas).
    And some Bretons.

    So don't be surprised if a calculator splits up a category like "Norman aristocracy"

    (Close to the conquest mine seemed to try to marry other Normans, but soon some locals seem to have caught their eye, so their "Norman-ness" seems somewhat diluted by Tudor times. Probably. Names can also be misleading.)

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