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Thread: East African genes in India? or vice versa?

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    Y-DNA (P)
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    Apparently Malik Ambar was a Cushitic Oromo slave that was probably captured by neighboring Somali clans and sold off to Horner Islamic Sultanates and after a long journey and living in the Middle East arrived in India afterwards climbing his way to power in the Deccan region.His case wasn't the norm as not many pagan Horners were shipped abroad but were used domestically in cities or among nomadic clans.The vast majority of modern siddis or the equivalent in Pakistan are of Bantu origins unlike Malik Ambar
    The Bengal Sultanate employed "Habshi" military-slaves/palace guards, after the practice of Turkic slave-soldiers ended. In the year of 1487, one of them managed to usurp the throne, and ultimately 4 different Habshi-origin Shahs ruled the kingdom until 1494.

    The kingdom did have connections to the wider Muslim world, and are said to have been gifted exotic animals such as giraffes by principalities there. These giraffes were interestingly later gifted to China during Zheng He's treasure fleet visit to Bengal.
    It isn't really certain if these people were Habesha/Horner, especially if we assume that these men were brought from the swahili coast (as the giraffes probably were). Cushitic/Ethio-semitic people(s) were not traditionally enslaved and Bantus provided the bulk of medieval-era slaves from Africa to the Islamic world.

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