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Thread: Saving history for your G25 Models

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    Saving history for your G25 Models

    Here's a pro tip for the power users among you that regularly build custom G25 models. You may find yourselves needing to re-run these models against different samples on multiple occasions.

    An easy way to simplify re-running of models is by saving your runs through the Save button on the top Navigation bar.

    This will allow you to revisit these runs at any time in the future by clicking on the History link. This brings up a window with a detailed, searchable history of the various samples that you've modeled, along with the source populations used in those models.

    Re-populating the samples and source populations boxes is as simple as clicking on the Re-run Model button.

    If there's any other functionality that you would like to see relating to history playback (or any feature in general) , don't hesitate to let us know.
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