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Thread: Is Height Genetic?

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    bro i think apart from genetics, fertile plains people are well fed and have more variety of food available due to being agriculture society and i often see correlation among this , people of central punjabi pak are more robust and taller then other areas even if they are from same biradri or gotra

    same i read punjab is tallest state of india but i also read some south indians can be very tall as well

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    Quote Originally Posted by MethCat View Post
    Imagine having to ask that question when the answer's that obvious.

    Of course its partly genetic, to what extent is maybe not entirely known though. Pygmies are shorter than non-Pygmy Africans for a reason, its not because they're just terribly fed.
    The funny thing is this might be, ultimately, the reason for them being so short. The short term effect of malnutrition is phenotypical, the long term effect genetic, because selection will usually work in the direction of the environmental pressures on individuals. Like if people constantly drink large amounts of raw milk, they don't necessarily get lactase persistent at all, but the pressure will be build up to favour individuals which can. The same game can be played with every outstanding trait, like breathing in high altitude or diving deep in the sea, running fast or long and so on. First there is a way of life, then there is the selection which changes the genotype.
    In the same way bad nutrition will favour people which can survive, fairly healthy, just like that, with a bad diet. If the living conditions improve again, and there is competition which favours large males, they will get larger (again), if having the chance to and not being replaced before.

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    yavrum doitschland
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    yes and nutrition + some other factors like if you slept enough or if you played basketball etc. while in puberty xD
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    Dodecaroon, Mr. Baboon
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    I think so, based on what I read I think individual height is 70-80% genetics and 20-30% environment. That can change on a populational level though because many other factors are involved.

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