I want to ask about the main two SNPs that affect skin color.

Does anyone know what the genotype frequencies are in modern Levantines and Jewish groups?

I looked at 2 IA Levantines (possibly Israelites) for each SNP: a=I4517_Megiddo_IA, b=I2201_Abel_Beth_Maacah_IA
a) rs1426654 (SLC24A5): AA ("European" genotype), rs16891982 (SLC45A2): CC ("non-European" genotype)
b) rs1426654 (SLC24A5): AA ("European" genotype), rs16891982 (SLC45A2): CG (heterozygous genotype)

I am Ashkenazi Jewish and I've tested five people (including myself) in my family, 4 of whom are relatively fair-skinned (on the order of a typical central or southern European) and 1 of whom is relatively dark-skinned (on the order of a typical Levantine).

All of us get the rs1426654 (SLC24A5): AA ("European" genotype), and the rs16891982 (SLC45A2): GG ("European" genotype).

rs26722 (SLCA45A2) is also mentioned by SNPedia as a SNP that relates to skin color for which Europeans and Africans tend to have the "lighter" (CC) genotype whereas Indians and E. Asians often exhibit the "darker" (TT) or heterozygous (CT) genotype.

My entire family gets the CC genotype, as does the I2201 man, and the I4517 boy has a no-call.

Are there genes that we are not aware of that account for differences in skin color such as between the dark-skinned member of my family and the light-skinned ones, or if not, what do you think causes the variations in skin color between people who have the same genotype for these 2 (or 3) main skin color genes?