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Thread: DNA sharing range for first cousins

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    Quote Originally Posted by Reza View Post
    Thanks for the link to the tool - very helpful, as well as the histogram.

    My only concern was the accuracy of comparing myheritage and 23andme v4 transfer - could that result in an artificially reduced segment sharing due to different SNPs being tested?
    I think there's something to this. I believe MyHeritage is not picking up all matches from 23andme v4 AND v5 transfers. Not only are my matches from my FTDNA kit more in the normal range for relationships on MyHeritage, my 23andme transfer usually reduces relationships between 0.1 - 0.5%. Furthermore, I have a perplexing example here:

    Strange Chromo Match.jpg

    This Chromosome Browser image is showing a relationship between my grandparent, my grandparent's second cousin and myself. On MyHeritage, my grandparent doesn't match their second cousin AT ALL - but I match the second cousin. Looking at this Chromosome Browser, I should be triangulating between these two matches. I match my grandparent on all the spots that I match my grandparent's second cousin. I also know this is coming from the correct side as my other side comes from a different continent.

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    Italian Alpine
    Australian and Italian
    Y-DNA (P)
    T1a2b- SK1480
    mtDNA (M)
    Y-DNA (M)
    mtDNA (P)

    Australia Italy Veneto Friuli Italy Trentino Alto Adige Italy Ladinia Austria Tirol
    23andme give me

    1st cousin ...........13.0% and 33 segments maternal side cousin who I speak to

    his son is noted as 1st cousin, once removed .......10.0% and 26 segments

    and a 3rd cousin ...........from great great grandmother mother , paternal side ..............0.59% and 3 segments

    and one of my sons compared to my first cousin above is noted as...1st cousin, once removed ....6.79% and 19 segments
    and the next is noted as 2nd cousin, .............5.75% and 17 segments

    My Path = ( K-M9+, TL-P326+, T-M184+, L490+, M70+, PF5664+, L131+, L446+, CTS933+, CTS3767+, CTS8862+, Z19945+, BY143483 )

    Grandfather via paternal grandmother = I1-L22 ydna
    Great grandmother paternal side = T1a1e mtdna

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