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Thread: On the Origins and Distribution of T2e

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    On the Origins and Distribution of T2e

    Since there is no thread on the origins of T2e, I want to start one. On YFull there is a remarkable dominance of Italian samples, with a few Northern Germanics and Slavs being thrown in:

    Wikipedia writes about T2e:
    The geographic distribution within subclade T2 varies greatly with the ratio of subhaplogroup T2e to T2b reported to vary 40-fold across examined populations from a low in Britain and Ireland, to a high in Saudi Arabia (Bedford 2012). Within subhaplogroup T2e, a very rare motif is identified among Sephardic Jews of Turkey and Bulgaria and suspected conversos from the New World (Bedford 2012).

    T2e (formerly T5): found mostly in western and northern Europe / found in Late Bronze Age France

    T2e1: found mostly in northern and Mediterranean Europe, Egypt and the Arabian peninsula, but also in Iran, Pakistan and Uzbekistan / found in Neolithic Scotland, in Bell Beaker Poland, and in Bronze Age Poland
    T2e1a : found in Britain, the Netherlands and Spain / found in Late Neolithic England (Bell Beaker)
    T2e1b : found in Germany, Romania and Russia
    T2e2: found in Italy, Iraq and India
    T2e2a : found in Britain, Germany, Sweden and Finland / found in Bronze Age Bulgaria
    T2e7: found in Norway

    Any news on the origins and distribution of T2e are welcomed.

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    My grandfather is Lebanese (Melkite Greek Catholic) and his maternal haplogroup is T2e. His ancestors have lived in the Beqaa Valley for at least 600 years.

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    Hmmm. Interesting information...

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    The distribution of genes is something that goes beyond perhaps what is understood now, we are aware that we can have very rare and very close SEO outcomes but the most important thing is that we are all united.

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