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Thread: Reconciling the claimed West-African ancestry in certain Great Lakes clans

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    Quote Originally Posted by ThaYamamoto View Post
    Ask K33/Kale/Memonics what they think. Amhas and other Maghrebis will plot past any non-ANA harbouring individuals of the same Yoruba/Dinka score. Way past actually.
    From what I seen on pca plots, that's not true.For example compare Egyptian:5AJ13 which has 26% SSA ancestry with the Moroccan:MCA39 which according to my calculation would be 25% African (with yours much higher) and they plot exactly where they are supposed to plot just on a different cline.

    edit: the Shum Laka paper actually had Ghost ANA as 54% and the original Taforalt paper at 45. C'mon bro.

    46% Non-african related Taforalt. Lol.
    "We chose outgroups that can distinguish sub-Saharan African, Natufian, and Paleolithic European ancestries but are blind to differences between sub-Saharan African lineages (11). A two-way admixture model, comprising Natufian and sub-Saharan African populations, does not significantly deviate from our data (χ2 P ≥ 0.128), with 63.5% Natufian and 36.5% sub-Saharan African ancestry, on average (table S8)."

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