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Thread: Reconciling the claimed West-African ancestry in certain Great Lakes clans

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    Quote Originally Posted by ThaYamamoto View Post
    In K33's thread, you can see Morocco North score the respective BasalWest+Central+East+PrePastoral+UstIshim that coincides exactly with the amount of Yoruba/Dinka scored in a standard 'deep' model plus 17-18% ANA which shifts them toward SSA (I never said ANA=SSA, but it definitely plots in this manner) thus Morocco North plots well ahead of the Egyptian average.

    Pre-Pastoralist component that he created contains West Eurasian ancestry (also significant ANA ancestry).Isn't Ust Ishim a Eurasian sample that was prior to the differentiation of West & East Eurasian? I don't know how that correlates with the amount of Yoruba & sometimes Dinka in Maghrebis

    Egyptian average plots a bit ahead of the Morocco_North sample and I ran the pca using the components in K33's G25 calculator:

    I don't think we can take K33's G25 results for face value especially when results like this make no sense.Dinka being 36% Eurasian is just absurd to think about
    Target: Drobbah_scaled
    Distance: 6.9484% / 0.06948401
    35.0 Basal_East_African
    25.0 RUS_Ust_Ishim
    24.8 TUR_Barcin_N
    10.2 Ancestral_N_African
    2.6 Caspian
    2.4 WHG

    Target: Dinka
    Distance: 3.4691% / 0.03469119
    53.8 Basal_East_African
    36.0 RUS_Ust_Ishim
    8.8 Basal_West_African
    1.4 Ancestral_N_African

    This is why PCAs can be more informative in many ways and over-reliance on nMonte can be a mistake imho. I believe I plot where a min.max 18% SSA (thanks AncestryDNA) non-IBM harboring, high Iran Mesolithic individual should when taking into account Maghrebi's SSA+ANA, Egyptians high basal resulting in SSA depression etc, and discounting nMonte maximum likelihood faults.
    How do we know for sure SSA suppression is happening in MENA + Horners because of their Basal heavy Natufian ancestry?
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    Target: Drobbah_scaled
    Distance: 4.3643% / 0.04364328
    53.4 Dinka
    39.4 Levant_Natufian
    4.2 Levant_Megiddo_MLBA
    3.0 ETH_4500BP

    Target: Drobbah_scaled
    Distance: 1.3967% / 0.01396717 | R7P
    27.2 TZA_PN
    22.4 KEN_Pastoral_N
    21.1 KEN_Pastoral_IA
    13.9 KEN_LuKENHill_3500BP
    10.2 KEN_HyraxHill_2300BP
    3.0 EGY_Hellenistic
    2.2 KAZ_Karluk

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