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I got a message:

"If you are receiving this email is because you have uploaded a RAW file. Our pipelines are designed to process GSA array files (like 23andMe) and on top of this we use IMPUTATION to retrieve as much genetic information as possible.

Some RAW files will have better ANCESTRY results (meaning, more accurate, but potentially less specific) if processed without imputation (depends on the format).

Since we are a community driven platform we wanted to ask if you will be interested in getting your Ancestry results without imputation, updated in the platform (should take 1 or 2 days)

If this is your case (you think your ancestry results could be improved) please just reply to this email and we will update your results (don't worry, if you think outcome has not improved, we will revert the operation)"

Anybody else?
Interesting, are you going to do that?