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Thread: Variants of mt-DNA haplogroup A in South/Central Asia : Expert opinion required

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    Variants of mt-DNA haplogroup A in South/Central Asia : Expert opinion required

    I recently got tested with Living DNA, which includes y-DNA and mt-DNA SNP testing. Quite surprisingly, my mt-DNA haplogroup came back as A. The variant mentioned is A14 which apparently is found rarely in Altaic Siberia, Kyrgyzstan, Xinjiang but also in Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand. However, the description given next to the maternal ancestors migration map is describing haplogroup A4, which has very rare presence in Iran, and Tajikistan, but is otherwise more prevalent in Altaic Siberia and Mongolia. I have emailed Living DNA regarding this discrepancy and hopefully they will narrow it down to one of the two variants.
    Screenshot (18)_LI.jpg Screenshot (19)_LI.jpgScreenshot (20)_LI.jpg20200813_235928.png
    I know about my maternal ancestry that my grandmothers' mother was Kashmir, and that might explain some female ancestor who entered Kashmir via Ladakh from Tibet or Xinjiang possibly. Although, my GEDMatch HarrappaWorld scores are not East Asian or Siberian/American shifted so I don't think this could be as a result of some recent influence.

    Another variant of the haplogroup, A2, is a lot more frequent, and is found among Native Americans, which makes me think that it might be more related to Ancestral North Eurasians (ANE) than to Southeast Asians. Nonetheless, I would think that my assigned haplogroup is highly unusual.

    Has anyone here ever come across something like this?
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