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Thread: Variants of mt-DNA haplogroup A in South/Central Asia : Expert opinion required

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    Quote Originally Posted by kamil154 View Post
    I think A14 (A-a1a) might well be a subclade of A4 (denoted by A-a1 on YFull) from what I can gather. My maternal great-grandfather was in fact a UP Pashtun from Kaimganj/Farukkhabad whose family migrated from Afghanistan in the mid 1800's. Hovever my Mt-DNA should be coming from my maternal grandmother's female ancestors, and her background is half Kashmiri/Punjabi.
    One of my relatives is A4.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kulin View Post
    I am a carrier of mtdna A11-a* while Khanabadoshi is a carrier of mtdna A8. They're common in Tibetans and Turkic/Siberian populations respectively (Khana is 1/4th Uzbek).
    The 25% from my grandmother manifests as 6.25% Uzbek and 18.75% Kho in me. The Kho is the maternal lineage (i.e. my mother's naniama was purportedly a full Kho and so forth); so the A8a is not from the Uzbek part, insofar as I know. The male lineage from that side is R1a1a, but I didn't test the my grandmother's brother's y-HG deeply. I only got what 23andme gives ya. I do not have any idea of the Uzbek mtDNA haplogroups. I do have some women I can test whose mothers and grandmothers are Uzbek, but that would be a more difficult task, as I'm not that closely related to request some test tubes to be filled LOL.
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