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Thread: What pops should I used to gauge the percentage of West Eurasian in East Africans?

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    What pops should I used to gauge the percentage of West Eurasian in East Africans?

    Sorry for asking this but I am pretty much a novice in African population genetics. I know a lot more about the basics of SE Asian genetics as I from that region myself.

    I am eager to figure out the percentage of African vs West Eurasian genetic contributions/ancestries in East African populations. From my vague and layman understanding, the West Eurasian ancestry is East Africa is primarily Levant_Neolithic/SW Asian-related and the African ancestries are predominantly Nilotic, Cushitic, Bantu/Niger-Congo and some Omotic or Hadza-related stuff?

    I want to know what ancient pops should I used to determine the amount of West Eurasian and African genetic proportions in East Africans especially the non-Horner ones.

    Can anyone help or give me suggestions please?

    I want to compare and figure out who possessed more West Eurasian ancestries: non-Horner East Africans or SE Asians. SE Asians are predominantly Dai (Southern Chinese rice-farmer)/Taiwanese Aborigines+Negrito/Hoabinhnian+South Asian (Iran Neolithic West Eurasian+AASI+some Steppe type West Eurasian)+Oceanian/Papuan+additional West Asian or European (mainly in the case of some Muslim SE Asians and Filipinos)/Han admixture (from recent Chinese migrations, specially in the case of Thailand).

    Edit: yes, I am utilizing G25 for these models.
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