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    I know some people will consider this biased and not correct, but I remark it anyway, because imo it´s relevat here: Poles are known throughout history to be obstreperous, at least notably over average. I think this statement is also not rejected by most Poles. I´ve the impression there have been bannings of Poles more than one time ultimately because they have been obstreperous when it comes to exact application of rules. As a wild guess I guess this is was also the case when Tomenable (he was not rude in expressions afaik) was banned. This is somewhat a pity. I appreciated very much the substantial contributions of both lukaszM and Tomenable.

    I´d promote applyling some kind of a (restricted) "Pole-excuse" for obstreperousity when it comes to perfectly obeying rules. This would maybe help to avoid not really necessary losses of good contributions to this forum. :-)
    The contributions of Lukasz to the 'genetics/DNA' community are great and a lot, he's putting a lot of effort in this. I think a reconciliation would be a great thing where everyone gets together and make the necessarily excuses and go back to normal.

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