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Thread: Maluku Islands Big Y-700 results

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    Maluku Islands Big Y-700 results

    Hi all,

    A while ago I took a big Y-700 test (FTDNA).
    My paternal line (from the Maluku Islands, by politics part of Eastern Indonesia) is for now named C-FT71404, a subclade under Y-DNA C-M38.

    The Country of Origins (and flags) updates allow us to see that there are C-M38
    testers (all with their own or shared subclades/branches under Y-DNA C-M38) from Aotearoa (New Zealand), Samoa, Fiji, Rapa Nui, Society Islands, Philipines, Hawaii, Cook Islands and Vanuatu.

    Our common male ancestor (with Y-DNA C-M38) probably lived on an island in the area between Indonesia and Papua New Guinea, sometimes referred to as Wallacea.

    There is much more to discover

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