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Thread: R1b Z2103 in Britain

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steve View Post
    OK. So if I wanted to know what group of people I most likely descend from eg Thracian, Yamanya, Celt etc this isn't possible, ie too much of a guess?
    Along time ago I speculated that we are not connected in anyway with the Pan-Indian-Eastern European aka Corded Ware L51+ R1a+ cluster.
    We form a totally separate group of cultures. Our own horses(yet to be proven by genetics), metal tanged daggers, hammer bone pins, spiral copper and silver hair rings, pottery. Cultural burial statues like-The Kernosovskiy idol (Керносовский идол), dated to the mid 3rd millennium BC.(types of weapons, animals and other graphic scenes)

    face: deep-set eyes, nose, chin; depicts a mustache with the ends down.
    weapons: bow and arrow, mace ;
    tools: axes, a hoe , a spoon for pouring metal, a casting mold.
    animals - a bull, two horses, turtles.
    others: in the center of the stele - a man with a tail chases two animals, on the side edge - a phallic scene - a man (with a penis) and a woman at the time of coitus.
    ornamental patterns: rows of triangles, zigzag lines.
    On the sides of the stele, in individual drawings and whole compositions, there are, in all likelihood, scenes from myths dedicated to the times of the creation and development of the world. Zoomorphic features can be traced in the appearance of the Kernos Idol: a tail on the back, a frequently occurring image of a bull on the surface of the statue itself.

    You have to refine your snp downstream R1b-Z2103+ very broad group.

    Yamnaya-Z2103+ Afanasievo-Z2103+ Poltavka Z2103+ Catacombe Z2103+ Eastern Bell Beaker Z2103+ Vucedol Z2103+ North West Iran Z2103+ Armenian Z2103+Latini-Italic tribe Z2103+ Early Sarmatians Z2103+ (Outlier in Sintashta culture)
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