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Thread: My attempt at modelling of Native American Global 25 samples from Latin America.

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    Actually I think some New World ethnic groups who are more "stabilized" genetically in terms of ancestries can be included in G25 such as the Garifuna from Central America who are predominantly West-Central African with significant Native American ancestry from around 15-25% (the highest SSA I have seen for a Garifuna is an individual who is 90% SSA and 10% Amerindian but I am not sure if he is recently mixed with other New World Afro-diaspora group or not).

    Also Miskito Amerindians from Nicaragua, Honduras who are actually almost a stabilized mix between Africans and Natives might be able to be added into G25 as well.

    Or maybe groups like Jamaicans, Haitians who are predominantly African genetically can be added as well or even the Surinamese/Guianan Maroons who are literally runaway African slaves who are "almost pristine" to 100% SSA genetically.
    for Native (south) American wouldn't it make more sense to use people who are actually American Indians from central and South America instead of people mostly SSA?
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