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Thread: My attempt at modelling of Native American Global 25 samples from Latin America.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tsakhur View Post
    Thoughts please?
    Awesome stuff man! I am from Belize, and though I am predominantly West African in deep ancestry, I have NW European, Carib/Arawak and Maya ancestry.

    I find it hard to believe that BLZ_MayahakCabPek_9300BP is more present in the Caribbean than in Guatemala or Mexico. This is groundbreaking if, it is indeed true. Do you have any information on BLZ_MayahakCabPek_9300BP?

    In recorded times, there has been evidence of Arawakan-Maipuran speakers being exiled to northern Central America in 1797 (Proto-Mayan region). However, there has only been speculation of the opposite ever actually happening.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Caius Agrippa View Post
    I'm interested to see how Amerindians from Brazilian Coast like Tupis and Tamoios would score, I wonder if there are surprises on our way. I'm seeing many Brazilians from São Paulo, Minas Gerais, Rio de Janeiro and Bahia scoring very minor Southeast Asian (~1%) in multiple calculators and I wonder if it's some kind of admixture present in the Native Americans from this region, some type of Asian admixture Portuguese colonists who populated these regions picked in Asia, influence from Southeast African slaves (who might have had Asian admixture, Brazil received many slaves from East Africa) or just noise.

    Regarding modern Native Americans, I think it's very hard to find any tribes without any European and/or African admixture around the New World. Probably only Amazonians and some Andeans maintain a more ''pure'' Native American profile. Natives from USA are mainly mixed and some individuals in significant amounts, I even heard of mostly European individuals with 1/8, 1/16 and even 1/32 or 1/64 Amerindian ancestry identifying as Native Americans in USA.
    You have to be careful with this. In the US, Indigenous identify by tribe or nation. This of course is excluding people who claim Indian blood myth stories, undocumented and no DNA results to show otherwise. People who actually identify, is a political identification to Alaskan Native or American Indian. They are enrolled with a recognized US Federal tribe stemming from treaties between the federal government and tribes.. While some may not be primarily American Indian or "Native American" by race, they have recognition tribally because they meet certain criteria to be a member of that tribe/nation set by the tribe. In the US, IF someone said they are 1/32 Creek or 1/4 Navajo, it is by lineage of documented tribal blood quantified from Indian rolls/census, not actual racial fractions. Many American Indians are also Inter-tribal, even if they are mostly Indigenous. In the US, a person can only register with ONE nation or tribe. Canada Status Indians also have differing politics on what is Aboriginal in a political setting. I will also note, most American Indians don't talk about fractions of tribal blood or how much. If you belong to the nation, you are part of that nation.
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