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Thread: Triangulation has gone?

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    Triangulation has gone?

    Prominent blogger Roberta Estes recently updated her advice on how to do triangulation using various sites.
    And discovered that 23andMe doesn't do it any more. You have to do it manually.
    Change seems to have occurred late last year.

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    I really don't think the change took place late last year, but more recently. At least, it appears that my account was working just as it always had up until about the time that Roberta posted.

    I will say that the change may not be what was initially feared. Here's the explanatory language for the column marked "DNA Overlap":

    This column indicates whether all three of you share at least one segment of matching DNA in the same location on a pair of chromosomes. A “yes” can be a strong indication that all of you share a recent ancestor (or pair of ancestors), as opposed to having multiple, different shared ancestors between the three of you.

    A “no” means that we did not detect segments in the same location. However, you may still be looking for a single shared ancestor — the absence of direct, positive DNA evidence does not disprove the possibility.

    The entry “Connect to view” is shown when someone has not chosen to display the locations of their shared DNA segments. You may send them a request to connect in order to compare segment locations.

    This is apparently different language than was being reported at the time of Roberta's blog, so it's possible that it represented an error that has since been fixed -- or, it may represent something 23andMe planned to do but have now thought better of. (Maybe they read Roberta's blog! )
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