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Thread: Pay for Etnicity Estimates for DNA matches?

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    Pay for Etnicity Estimates for DNA matches?


    I would like to preface this with that I'm probably being an idiot, and I'm not a fan of reading the small print, but I recently got my MHv2 DNA results, with the potential excitement of their upcoming upgrade. Upon expecting to view my DNA Match ethnicity estimates, in order to compare against my prior uploads, I found I could not view their ethnicity estimates and shared matches for the MH v2 kit, despite having paid for said DNA test. Contacting MH, they gave me some confusing double speak about my prior uploads having occured in a 'free' upload period, without actually referencing the purchased MH v2 kit. So i'm quite flummoxed!

    Now if I'm being an idiot, fair enough, I'll pipe down, but actually having paid for said DNA test, I would have thought that I should be able to view my DNA Match Ethnicity Estimates and our respective Shared matches, but alas no. Can someone let me know if this is a relatively new aspect of MH, with respect to v2 this year, and that I missed the small print, OR have I been led up the garden path by MH?

    Any comments, thoughts, abuse, if warranted, would be truly appreciated.
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