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    Eolien, I have read that article that was poorly translated into English from Turkish. I thought it got taken down because it did not have more than one source or something like that? I have heard about the rebels there from primary sources and additionally that the village suffered tremendously from reprisals during the genocide, because of their activities. They were described in that article as "armed at all times" and having a different dialect than Sile Greeks. I believe it, because the next generation was the one that fought in the Greek resistance and were active in the Civil War. It's why, to answer your question Johnny, I am half-Polish. Gebze is not too far away, but I have a feeling that they were from further East in Anatolia originally. This would make even more sense to me if my paternal line is in fact from the Galatians. It's curious to say the least.
    there are many articles about that not just one but coming from pontus and settling there does not make sense to me. The second theory i have seen is that they were recent immigrant in Taskopru coming from Pelopones (again due to Orlov). Their different accent and a bit wild nature could be just that. I read in article ( that the refugees from there settled in Pireus, Evgenia neighbourhood

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