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    Gotcha. I was definitely not thinking the paternal side, or the Ydna coming from the Caucasus, but more along the lines of my father's maternal grandmother being partially Georgian. Let's say my father's paternal grandfather was fully Greek, and his paternal grandmother was mostly Greek with a Georgian ancestor from before the arrival of the Greeks. My father's paternal grandmother was from Yenikoy from birth and it's feasible to think that a part of this family, was there when it was a Georgian village. Let's say that both of my father's paternal grandparents were mostly Greek, but that there could have been Georgian and Balkan communities within Yenikoy from earlier times, that figure into their total ethnicity. The people who I have figured out on a few sites like ancestry, ftdna, and other sites who for sure were from Yenikoy (there aren't many) tend to be between 1/3-2/3 % Greek. For example on ancestry, before their recent update, a lot of these people had heavy amounts of Eastern European percentages and almost always 0% Turkey and the Caucasus. Today, after the update, those same people now have Balkan and a few including my father and I, have an uptick in "Turkey and the Caucasus." Since you are saying there is no evidence of us being at all Turkish, I think at least on ancestry, they are now attributing Caucasian dna to my father's paternal grandparents. Pontic Greeks almost always come up at near 100% in categories like West Asian or Turkey and the Caucasus. So that is why I had the thought of some Georgian ancestry in our Yenikoy ancestors. But just a trace. It was just a thought I had.

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