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    Pontic Greek R-U152

    Hello everyone,

    I was wondering if someone could help me try to figure out my paternal grandfather's very obscure and unknown background. My father has 2 Pontic Greek parents, his mother being from the Eastern part of Pontus in Giresun with family in the Caucasus as well, and his father being from just outside of Istanbul in a village called Yenikoy Sile. My paternal great grandfather is said to have come to Yenikoy Sile from Eastern Thrace, but we know next to nothing about him and his family. They had a very distinct family look, either blonde or copper colored hair, and fairly light skin for Greeks. I know that Yenikoy was full of many different Balkan groups like Bulgarians and Serbs, but in terms of autosomal dna results and matches, there seem to be an incredibly diverse group of somewhat close matches from Baltic countries and Northeastern European countries, as well as several Jewish surnames. (Sephardic/Ashkenazi) Towards the end of the list, we have Scottish/British/American matches as well. I received my Big Y 700 results recently and found that I am in R-U152--Z36-- R-FT330613. Most people tend to be Italian, Swiss, or from the British Isles in this subclade. I have read that in Greece/Anatolia this could be attributed possibly to the Galatians who invaded Greece and Thrace, settling eventually in Central Anatolia, or to the Romans in the area of Pontus. I myself believe it is the former. According to the SNP tracker (not sure if this is reliable) my terminal SNP is located near central Anatolia close to Kayseri at about 970 CE. I am wondering if it makes sense to suspect that my paternal line was Galatian, became Hellenized and were absorbed into another Greek community like the Cappadocian Greeks? Recently did an update to my father's atdna kit and whereas before, from his father he was 36% Greek and 14% Italian, today his profile has shifted to more "Turkey and the Caucasus" "Balkan" and a few percentage points of "Greek" (4%) Cyprus (3%) and France (2%) There are extremely few known matches from Yenikoy on our match list and I have noticed that a few of them also have the Cypriot and French numbers. We have no knowledge of a Cypriot background but I have read that Cappadocians (Greeks among them) were moved to Cyprus by the Seljuks (I think) in the 16th century. And as for the French, it probably is unrelated, but the Galatian Tectosages were thought to have originated from near Toulouse, which is almost exactly where the particular French category is located. In general, certain tools like the Eurogenes 36K similarity map put most of the hotspots--after removing my grandmother's percentage--around the islands off the coast of Western Turkey. My father's kit is on gedmatch, but besides a basic understanding of admixture tools and oracle, I'm not entirely sure I know what I am looking at. I'm wondering if someone can take a look and tell me what they see. Again, 1 set of grandparents were from Giresun and the other from Yenikoy Sile. Thanks for any help whatsoever. I appreciate it!
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