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    I only just found out about the update. I'm reasonably happy with it, and consider it about as accurate as the last update, although both had quirks (and were largely better for me than my sister). My results are:

    33% Scotland (like for many others, it seems, way too high, and seems to include some of my English -- I likely have some Scottish ancestry mixed in with my Ulster and English anyway or within my colonial American, but no paper trail)

    23% Wales (I do have Welsh, but not that much to my knowledge, so I would assume it includes English, although again some of my colonial families aren't traced over the ocean yet)

    17% German Europe -- completely consistent with my own estimates

    13% Sweden -- 12.5% on paper, so can't complain

    12% England & NW Europe -- quite low, but again I bet it ended up in Scotland and Wales

    2% Ireland -- who knows, more like 10% or so on paper, but Ulster, so likely some is in the Scotland category

    My sister:

    49% England & NW Europe -- closer to my paper trail

    17% Scotland

    12% Norway -- she tends to get lots of Norway vs Sweden, whereas I don't. Sweden is correct.

    10% Ireland

    5% Wales

    3% France -- this is actually about right, and we have matches who trace to the French immigrant ancestors, who went to Ohio around 1800

    2% Germanic Europe -- way low, as was her prior update

    2% Sweden -- same, but if you add it to Norway it's about right
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